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At Beverage Services we guarantee all our products and services.  If you are not completely happy with either, let us know and we will rectify the problem, no questions asked.

For over forty years the Wyatt family have been part of the coffee industry.  In the early eighties they were the first to introduce fresh roast coffee systems into the office market and, as demand for better quality coffee grew, they used their Kiwi 'No 8 wire' ingenuity to build a roaster from scratch to become one of only two independent roasters in New Zealand.

Today they continue to do what they do best, using their years of experience and knowledge to roast great coffee and provide their customers with solutions that work.

All this with the friendly, personal touch you would expect from a family run business dedicated to making the business of coffee easy and affordable - guaranteed.


We cater for all wholesale and retail situations.

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Roma Coffee Roasters, 
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